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About Jupiter 2 Light Mover

Light Mover is a unique, exclusive and much specialised equipment which moves grow lights in a fixed pattern over plants, thereby ensuring an even spread of light and eliminating dark and shady areas. Moving grow lights ensure an equal distribution of light from all angles over the area.

Stationery lights have to be fixed high over the plants to avoid burn out from heat but in the case of moving grow lights they can be installed nearer to the plants. Studies have proved that this increases yields by over 20% in this method. 

Jupiter 2 Light Mover is a leader in this field of light moving devices and is manufactured by NiccoponicsAustralia, a privately owned business based in Melbourne. Their light movers have been servicing the country’s growing hydroponic sector since 1989. Over the years business has grown steadily and today the product is exported to New Zealand, Europe and Europe.