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Jupiter 2 Light Movers -Australian made and serviced

Jupiter 2 lightmovers are capable of carrying up to 40 Kg. When deciding what brand device you choose please remember the light mover is the hardest working piece of kit in a grow room it has to be reliable.  The Jupiter 2 is designed for commercial grade usage and a long service free life. 33 years of manufacture and serviced in Melbourne Australia says it all. If you phone for details or service you will be speaking to the inventor of the Jupiter 2 and receive excellent prompt service. Every part of the mover is fixable so never a need to landfill this product.

Light movers are mechanical devices that move grow lights in a fixed pattern over a garden. They can increase the coverage light by 140%. The real advantage, is MUCH more light is available to the plants when the light is in motion. With stationary lights, all that is shaded will remain in the shade, with a mover the light hits the plants from all angles, giving better coverage and therefore increased yields. The moving light evenly tops the plant cells with the energy required for photosynthesis.

Successfully utilising a light mover provides better light efficiency, electricity savings, increases light coverage and results in a heavier harvest with healthier plant growth.

The Jupiter 2 light mover effectively reduces shading and provides increases of around 20% to your yield.

The science behind this product is solid, plants contain phytochromes, photoreceptors that control physiological and developmental reactions to fluctuations of red and far red light.

Stationary lighting can result in shadow areas under the canopy. These areas result in a light spectrum shift heavy in Far Red light and lower levels of Blue and Red resulting in unwanted stretching as plants compete to reach the full spectrum light above.

Jupiter 2 Light Movers are available in 2 configurations: Along a rail that moves back and forth and the Satellite Rotary, 2 or 3 arm mover (like a ceiling fan).


Servicing the Hydroponic Industry since 1990

In our industry there are not many electrical product that you can sell with the confidence like what we have had with your light movers. Over 20 years now of consistent and honorable service. Thanks for making our job easier and our customers happier.
- Lismore HydroponicsSit Amet
The Jupiter 2 range are the only units that I have had total success with operation and more importantly customer satisfaction
- DirectorAlterculture
We have supported the Jupiter 2 tracking system not only for their reliability and user friendly application, but also for the exceptional service and merchandising assistance given by Jupiter 2
- Jayson WilliamsUrban Hy
The Jupiter 2 is the most reliable, heavy duty unit available on the market today.
- Chris AllisonHygrow
The Jupiter 2 has proven extremely reliable and long lasting. It is out opinion that the Jupiter 2 is the world's best machine of this type.
- Briane HearneHomeplant
Its great to be using excellent kit that is proving reliable - but also brilliant to know that you and your network can support it and us worldwide.
- S DUK customer
Been using Jupiter 2 light movers for at least 16 years. Can't fault them in any way. Being Australian made means I can contact the designer/ manufacturer if need be. A big thumbs up for an excellent product
- Chris PHappy Chappy NSW